Previous Deals

 Sourcing acquisition finance for a business sale

Checking and proving that covenants in bank facility letters are not breached


Rebanking a property business together with finance for a new spec residential project​


Restructuring a debt package on a multi-site retail business 


Reviewing banking arrangements for a business ahead of facility renewal discussions

Feasibility study for bank funding on a prospective development project


Business planning for a new leisure business


Reworking a business plan to satisfy funder's requirements


Conducting a full banking review for a client, saving them a significant amount of money on charges and interest costs together with streamlining their future banking transactions to ensure a more efficient way of banking


Assisting a client produce all the information the Bank needed before agreeing to their request for new finance   having first declined to assist. Once the proposal was in a "bank friendly" form, the new facility was agreed.


Full rebanking of an established £10m t/o business after "issues" following a change of Relationship Manager with their current bank


Rebanking a phoenix company to include new facilities


Sourcing alternative lines of finance to assist an MBO to include asset based lending and invoice discounting


Providing an ongoing critique of a client's proposal for new facilities under the EFG scheme to ensure that it met all the Bank's criteria before presenting it to them


Acting as a "sounding board" and writin a business plan for a £5m t/o business to secure new lending


Negotiating with the Bank's "intensive care" on behalf of clients to ensure they return to financial health without harm to their business


Property development finance for a large speculative residential site


Assisting a trading business to exit administration/receivership


Negotiating the purchase of an additional business


Providing an in depth monthly analysis of trading performance


Advising a "high growth" tech company on types of finance to fund expansion


Acting and resolution for clients on fixed rate loan and SWAP complaints


Restructuring finance within a retail business to provide additional working capital to fund growth